Free Initial Consultation
If you are unsure about having your dog groomed or would like to know more about what it involves then please contact me where you can arrange a time to come along for a free consultation where you can see where I work and you will be able to discuss your dogs requirements or any concerns that you may have.
The Appointment
A Consultation to cover any pre-existing medical conditions or behavioural problems is carried out prior to grooming.
I also discuss with you the style and trim for your breed of dog and also your lifestyle , as although home grooming is essential sometimes a style that is easy to maintain is more suitable for people with busy lives.
All Dogs are given rests, fresh water and toilet breaks when necessary, but please ensure that your dog has been exercised and given the opportunity to go to the toilet prior to grooming.
How Long Will The Groom Take
Your dog may be in the salon anything from 1 hour up to 4 hours depending on its breed, coat condition and temperament. I like to see each dog leave my salon looking the best they possibly can, and cannot do this by rushing the process, so please be patient to ensure the best possible job is done.Every appointment made is allocated a time slot tailored to your dogs specific needs so please arrive promptly for appointments and also collection.
Aggressive Dogs
If I feel it would be unsafe to carry out the groom due to aggression I will call you and ask you to collect your dog , this may mean the groom is not completed.
Muzzles are used in extreme cases for the saftey of your dog, and also the groomer!
Please be honest when asked about any aggressive tendencies you know your dog may have.
Nail Trimming
Taking care of your dogs nails is very important , and will also help him/her to be much more comfortable as untrimmed nails can lead to a variety of health problems . In extreme circumstances , a dogs nails may actually curl and grow into the dogs paws this is especially common of the dew claws which are found on the inside of the front legs and occasionally also on the hind legs. Long term over growth can cause difficulty in walking, pain, soreness and even contribute to arthritus. All dogs who come for a full groom will have their nails trimmed when necessary.
Ear Cleaning & Plucking
All dogs need to have their ears inspected and gently cleaned when necessary . On some breeds hair can grow down inside the ear canal, it is very important that this is removed by plucking it carefully to keep a clean healthy ear. Dogs with severely matted ears are at risk of inner ear problems , which is just one of many reasons why regular professional grooming is so important.
Preperation & Bathing
Before bathing your dog they are brushed thorougly and any mats knots or tangles are removed. Bathing is one of the most important parts of a good groom, getting your pet squeaky clean is the only way to produce top quality results when trimming & styling . Various shampoos are available for the different coat types and the appropriate one will be used once an initial consulation have been made. If your dog needs special vet recommended shampoo for sensitive skin or allergies please remember to bring this with you to the appointment.
Stand dryers and High Velocity fryers are used in the salon. Nervous and young dogs are towel dryed and then introduced to the drying process slowly untill they feel comfortable and at ease with the process.
Trimming/ Scissoring & Styling
All Breeds have their own specific style & this can be acheived by using clippers combined with scissoring techniques or on some breeds just scissoring alone gives a beautiful finish.
We will advise you on you dogs trim and how they should look according to their breed but ultimatley it is your decision , you may have preferences about how you would like your dog to look , and we discuss this with you before grooming commences.
Clip down/ De- Matting
When a dog is severely matted it is too painful to de-mat a clipdown will be required this means clipping your dog very short all over and a disclaimer form will need to be completed before grooming commences. The animal welfare act states all animals are to be protected from pain, injury suffering and disease and Cloud K9 dog grooming adheres to this . Please deter mats by regulary grooming your dog at home in between its professional grooms.
Once your dogs groom has been completed a conditioning finishing spray is applied which aims to leave a lasting fragrance .(Not used on dogs with allergies or if a client requests no purfume.
Prices & Payment
Payment is by cash/ Card Payment or by Bank transfer ( please ask for details).