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We Understand that Grooming your dog can be expensive this is why we will always offer the best price possible for your dogs groom, We will not charge any extra for de-matting or flea treatments, these services are included in a full groom if required. The price you see for the breed of your dog is the price you will pay with NO HIDDEN CHARGES.


Bath & Blowdry appointments are only available to dogs with coats free of matted hair. The odd knot isn't a problem but if the coat is matted your dog may require a clip down or a clip & trim appointment.


Prices Include the following:


  • Brush out the dogs coat

  • 2 x deep wash with the top quality shampoo

  • Hand blow dry with brushing and conditioning the dogs coat

  • Flea bath and medicated shampoo if required

  • Ears and eye cleaning and hair removal from ears.

  • Nail Clipping.

  • Checking/Emptying Of anal glands (At Customers Request)

  • Trimming to customers request or Breed standard styles

  • Purfume for girls and cologne for boys :-



  • Please Call us on 01633 213252 so we can advise you on the price of your dogs groom.

Cancellations & Missed Appointments


Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will require a 50% deposit before booking any future grooming appointments.


Payment method



Cheque & all major credit & Debit cards.









Monday-      Closed       

Tuesday-      9:30am-8:30PM

Wednesday- Closed

Thursday-    9:30am-3:30pm     

Friday-        9:30am-3:30pm

Saturday-    9am- 4pm

Sunday-      Closed


Our opening & closing times may vary to meet business needs.


Free Consultations


Please feel free to contact us out of working hours.


228 Stow Hill



NP20 4HA


Email- cloudcanine@hotmail.com
Telephone- 01633 213252




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